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So This Is Christmas

November 27th, just 4 weeks away from the big C day (Christmas) and I'm feeling rather pleased with myself. Although I'm also a little annoyed with myself. Annoyed? Well I decided that this year was a "make for others" year. You know how it goes - Christmas gets more expensive every year (or so it seems) and wages stay the same - time management is also a factor and played a role in my decision.

You see - I love making things, sewing things for other people, especially if they are gifts. But for all my thinking that it wouldn't be hard to rustle up some bits and bobs I think I underestimated how much time I would need.And when I say bits and bobs what I really mean is 3 double quilts, 2 lap quilts, 4 shopping bags, 4 cushions, 2 baskets, 3 zip pouches, 1 shoulder bag, a quilted piano cover, pyjama bottoms and a keyring purse. Now at least 3 of those things were not on the original list - and I have absolutely no doubts that more items will get added on - I know me. So I have spent the last 3 weekends plus 3 sets of Mondays and Tuesdays, an hour before work and 2 hours after work sewing and quilting. And using social media to document it.

I'm forking tired I can tell you.

That first quilt is to blame - that flaming layer cake that I was desperate to use just so I could do a 9 patch quilt because I hadn't done one before. You see I made it, and I liked it but I didn't LOVE it. So I decided to gift it. That decision gave me renewed interest in the quilt and I made the effort to make a nice backing for it out of spare fabric I purchased to make the layer cake go a little further. And whilst making the backing I decided that this was fun and I would make more things for people - a personal touch. It's been a few years since I've done this and it was about time.Fast forward to now and I've gone from excited to frustrated through dismay and elation to proud and then - yep - annoyance. WHY didn't I start earlier? WHY did I think 2 months was plenty of time?

As it turns out I think maybe it is enough time - I've finished one of the lap quilts - binding and all, only need to finish the binding on the second, finished the original double quilt, made another double quilt top, just quilted the 3rd double quilt today (just binding now), made 2 and a half cushions and 2 of the 4 shoppers.I won't lie - I felt really rough last week from over-tiredness and unfortunately I've had some worry with one of my cats - Arthur - which has caused lots of broken sleep and I did actually start thinking about which items I could scrap from my list. But allowing myself a few nights off did the trick. Now I'm feeling rather pleased with myself. Best of all I'm enjoying doing it - who doesn't like a little pressure every now and then to get the creative juices in to full flow?

To be honest I'm not sure deciding to open an Etsy shop and start a blog at the same time was wise? Don't get excited the shop only has 2 items in it and this is my first blog post! I suppose I should add "stock" to that list huh?


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