I know most of you won't read this...

Oh my word - it’s not often I feel like having a bit of a rant - but what’s the point of having your own blog if you can’t express yourself openly and honestly? Apologies in advance I know I will probably p!ss a few people off but hoping there are some others out there that feel the same as me. And please remember this is just me sharing how I feel, I’m not trying to force my opinion on anyone or make out like it’s the only one that counts.

Here goes…...

So - the “F” word? Nope - not that one - FACEBOOK. Now I’m not going to lie to you all - I took up with this particular social media outlet years back, when it was THE platform to be on but it wasn’t long before all the trash talking and backbiting, the dirty laundry, cat fights, click bait quizzes, I.Q test posts, openly crying for attention, finger pointing and - my reason for writing this - the insanely annoying posts about reading a status and sharing it to prove I listen/I care/I’m a REAL friend drove me to almost abandon it.

Yes I did say almost - I haven’t quit facebook entirely. It can be a good platform for sharing, keeping in touch and promotion - how many small businesses rely on interaction through it? Roughly 25 MILLION!!! That’s insane! I cannot even comprehend that number. And I am one of them.

Now I need to try really hard not to sound like a hypocrite here - how can I criticise something I am a part of?

Well, yes, I am a facebook user - for The Chromatic Studio. I don’t use my personal profile hardly at all - and when I do it’s usually by accident. My particular annoyance is all the banal “copy and paste this” “share to your profile” posts. The 10 photos that represent, 10 books 10 days,” I know most of you won’t read this”, “I’m doing an experiment” posts. You know the ones I mean?

If you are having a friends list cull then just cull! Don’t post about it first! Why are you doing that? If I don’t read a status all the way through and then copy it to my profile it doesn’t make me a bad person! If I don’t invite 5 people from my friends list to share a pink ribbon it does not mean that I don’t care about the devastation caused by cancer. If you don’t think I’m a good enough friend because I dont write a “one word answer” explaining how I know you then just unfriend me already!

How many people get really upset over being made to feel that they aren’t worthy because they aren’t playing along? I really wonder that sometimes. I think there is too much potentially damaging behaviour on the old FB. But why do I stay?!!!!!!!!

Honest answer - I don’t know. I think it’s a good place to help my brand? I do get to see what my friends are up to - especially now during lockdown. And there are families separated by oceans, continents apart that have a shared place to keep together, enjoy each other’s triumphs, share tears in hard times and tragedy- and that’s a real good thing in my book. The campaigns that are promoted through this platform have been amazing also - mental health awareness, petitions for change, fundraising etc….. And that’s a good reminder that social media can be a powerful tool and it can bring us together - “Be Kind” was a particularly powerful one for me.

But is it just me or does FB feel like it’s become a vending machine of copy and paste requests, click bait ads, hoaxes and bots cloning profiles?

If I shared every post I was requested to, messaged every person in my contacts then there would be no point having an account - I would cease to be, there would be none of “me” to interact with.

We want a social media profile to share the positive, the constructive, the supportive and good stuff don't we? Isn’t it meant to be a happy place to connect with others that we cant be with in person? I’m not so naive to believe the world is just black and white and you should only promote the absolute best things in your life - we all have dark days, suffer with ill health, lose people, face forms of abuse and experience heartbreak, have anger at the world/the government/your significant other - and I do understand that if someone feels they have no one to talk to then FB can be their outlet or conduit to contact. BUT does it have to come with a backlash of opinions that haven’t been properly considered and fad diet ads?!!

I know I sound like a right old humbug don’t I ? I promise you though I do not comment on something I don’t agree with, I don’t allow myself to get drawn in to arguments, I try not to write vague and cryptic posts in a bid to get attention, I don’t share click bait.

I am not perfect by any means - I have made my share of mistakes where all this is concerned in the past when I was younger and wanted to be seen as cool or popular - and I’m owning that. I let my own lack of self-worth get the better of me and I did all those quizzes as well as posted vague updates hoping to get a load of comments. And I’m ashamed of my younger self. But that’s how I’ve learned - isn’t that how we all learn? By making mistakes?

I must apologise - I know that there are lots of contradictions in this post and I hope I’m not being too opinionated or stupid or clueless. My personal relationship with Facebook is a strange, awkward and odd one - granted. Not denying it at all.

I think that’s the main point of this - I am confused and torn between my emotions and my logic. I know that Facebook is here to stay and I’m not petitioning for it to be shut down. Nor any other social media outlet for that matter. I use these services. But I just like my online life to come with a little less spam, a little less fake. This whole post started as a result of reading the start of a status beginning with “most of you won’t take the time to read this all the way through” and do you know what? I didn’t.

I climbed back up on my fence where I like to navigate life at a safe distance (issues?) and unpacked my soap box to write this post. I’m packing it away now - it’s a bit of an irritant.

Must be biological.

And it's liquid so very slippery and hard to clean up.

If you read this all the way through - thanks for reading. If you couldn’t be bothered or it made you not want to - I understand.

And once again please remember this is just me sharing how I feel. Be kind, please don’t leave trashy comments as it’s not fun for anyone to see and read. And I just packed my soap box away so don't want to drag it out again.

As always, best wishes

Amber x

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