Fat Quarter Finery

Ever looked at your fabric stash and wondered why it just wont stay tidy?

There's nothing like the feeling of taking home a perfectly presented bundle of pristine folded fat quarters is there? They are my personal weakness when it comes to fabric shopping - above yardage or pre cuts every time. The trouble is as soon as you start cutting in to them they lose their ability to stay perfect, after so many unfolds ad re folds or another press with the iron they just get messy - and before you know it you have a pile of large folded scraps.

Looking around at those I follow on Instagram and also what I know of my friends' stashes - we mostly like to stack our fat quarters and half yards.

Well, have you heard of mini bolts? Just as they sound, they are small bolts of 1 yard/metre down to fat quarters that wrap around a board - and you display them upright like regular bolts of fabric (like books) There is a popular brand called Polar Notions which are a plastic version with cut out grooves to secure your fabric to start wrappping.

I recently came across them and was clicking to buy immediately - and was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the price. Just 15 of them was going to set me back £22 - and I probably have in excess of 2000 fat quarters!

so, NO - you want buddy clips with them? add another £10 to that

Well, I thought to myself that this was just way way too budget blowing for me - especially with the size of my stash. So I decided to make my own.

So I'm going to share with you how to turn this..........

into this............

with some board, masking tape and pins and a sensible budget!

What you need:


Right off you want to use a thick board - NOT card. If it's described as card then it's too thin. 1500 micron (or higher) board is good - art board, craft board, mount board etc.... is all good stuff. I found my supply over at and my first batch was A2 sized which I cut down into quarters. It was 10 sheets which made 40 for just £11.00 but they sold out quickly so then I found A3 in a 30 sheet pack and only needed to cut once which made 60 for £14 - so just 23p per piece! And best of all its paper so recycling friendly.

Masking tape

You need a regular, low tack decorators masking tape - available from all DIY stores and a multitude of online shops and market places and a reel averages at £2.00 Make sure it's low tack - you want to be able to remove it whenever you want and not pull at your fabric too much.


A pack of pins with either flat heads or small glass heads £2.00 - £5.00 (if you like mine use this link)


You'll have a fair bit of pressing to do

Rotary Cutter, cutting mat & ruler

For cutting your board to size and possibly tidying up your fabrics before wrapping.


To clean up threads


This won't be a quick job - set yourself some time aside to enjoy doing it - and if you have a large stash like me then this will be an ongoing project - but it can be a very therapeutic task and it's a nice experience to go through all your forgotten and abandoned fabrics - you can even destash as you go!

Okay - so this is really easy - let's go!

cut your mount board down to size - if you are using A2 then divide into quarters, if using A3 then cut in halves, if you find A4 then no cutting is required.

Select your fabrics - from 1 metre down to fat quarters.

Fold your fabrics in a way that fits your boards - I fold mine like regular bolts - selvedge to selvedge and selvedge to raw edge for fat quarters. For bigger pieces you will have to double fold or trifold.

Don't worry if there are small corners cut out - just fold them to the inside!

Aim to leave a small edge of exposed board above and below your fabric so you can eliminate any raw edges fraying from touching your surfaces. Trim off the excess threads of the edge you are going to tape - the masking tape is low tack so threads will reduce the surface it has to bond to.

Tear a piece of tape off - shorter than your fabric so it stays hidden.

Tape over the raw edge and onto the board - half and half.

Give it a good firm press down to promote the adhesion.

Now wrap your fabric around your board an pin in place! Voila!

Fold, press, tape - repeat!

My fat quarters in all their finery - I best crack on with those Tula Pink ones!

Thanks for reading!

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